Falling Puzzle

Falling puzzle

My starting point was the Zuma Series by photographer John Divola. What caught my eye was the wrecked interior which was in such contrast to the open window with its soft and luminous scene. So I mainly focused on the feeling and atmosphere where the mixture of elements have different qua- lities yet oddly make a very harmonious image. At the same time, I wanted to represent elements that feel like they are falling apart and yet leaving place for the next; a feeling of collapsing and deterioration.

I represented those two aspects by the rupture of the fabric ; the rigid jeans with the fabrics that are thinner and lighter. Secondly, by mixing the styles and placing the clothes and details so they don’t serve their actual function anymore. For example, putting the eyelet of a curtain vertical or a belt on the shoulder. And nally by the lengths ; where one feels like its been cut at a disturbing/weird spot on the body, or that there is one side of the clothing missing, or that it is way too long so that it piles up on the floor. With this theme, I created a collection of ten looks, and chose two out of them to sew.


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